Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just follow the script...

Reading Farish A. Noor's Islam Embedded and Mujahid Rawa's Menuju PAS Baru and Rejuvenasi PAS really make you realize how politicians tend to run through again the history even the rear view so clear what happened to them. They are not only learn from the history but really keen to repeat the mistakes. Well, if you wish for Dr Burhanuddin Helmi to lead your party, your dream right now near to impossible. But, if you think like the late Pak Doktor, Insya Allah you could reform your beloved party.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't worry Mr. Wenger

The battle will begin soon. Although they' 'don't walk alone', we, the gooners are always with you. True Gooners support the team not an individual player or manager. For, Fab, we wish you good luck. Thanks for your service. And I'm sure Nasri will be fielded tonight. May be a farewell party for him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra Leave will increase 'productivity'

Extra maternity leave may be problematic, says PSD chief

PUTRAJAYA: The Government has to check on Selangor’s decision to allow for a maximum of 90 days of maternity leave for civil servants in the state.

Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam cautioned there might be legal implications in pension payments arising from the decision.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim also announced that husbands would enjoy a 14-day paternity leave, up from a week previously. Female staff whose husbands die will also get 30 days’ leave, compared to three days of emergency leave previously.

Cuepacs president Omar Osman, when contacted, welcomed Selangor’s move, saying it was in line with International Labour Organisation’s requirements.

“We hope the Federal Government will also follow suit and increase maternity leave nationwide to 84 days or 90 days,” he said.

Omar said the government’s decision to slash the number of leave days to 25 for those joining the civil service from Jan 1 regardless of their tenure had affected women.

“The previous entitlement of 60 days’ leave may be enough for some people but there are mothers who need extra days to attend to a sick child or emergency matters,” he said.

He said the Government had agreed to increase maternity leave for civil servants to 84 days when Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was the Women, Family and Community Development Minister.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Too much politics will kill you....

Seldom in my life i feel so frustrated with the way I made decisions. Even the worst decision I ever made, I still could console myself by saying that is what life is all about. But the decision to disconnect from reading (and listening) all the news about the political turmoil in my beloved country really made me sick. Although, just a few days ( 3 days exactly!!) I felt losing something important. The event that wake me up from my 'sabbatical' was when I overheard about the fracas in Parliament. The most glamoring OKU with the zealous youth group from my clan. As a prominent and senior lawyer, Karpal 'the senile' Singh shouldn't utter the word celaka against Umno Youth and blame the wing for the “bullets and threatening letter” he had received in Penang. But on the other hand, the UMNO Youth actually should use a proper channel to express their anger and dissatisfaction with the king of Singh. As a protector for the Malays as claimed by this group, they much show the Malayness way of confrontation. Sometimes we have to be kurang ajar, but the impact of our action will be the history for the next generation. For Karpal, it's a time for you to retire from the partisan politics and try to involve in other area of politics which could contribute more on nation building. Ask Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye if he could provide some platforms ....
Yeah, Malaysian politics is very interesting. And I will not try to disengage with all these happening moments anymore.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We don't want to Yoga, so what?

I don't know what the insult felt by The Hindu Sanggam and also who are the 'all Malaysians' he refers to? We, Muslims in Malaysia will never involve in any practice by the Hindu believers as long as it will not interfere with Islam and the public. We respect your religion which always try to instill the good moral values in the believers. So please don't try to mess with Islamic affairs especially in any decision made by our scholars regarding fatwas. Try to educate your people to follow the true teachings by leaving all the gangsterism activities and the todi addicted group.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Conversation with Ulrich and Hetfield

When I listen to 'The Day That Never Comes' for the first time I noticed the part of the lyric .... Mouth so full of lies
Tend to black your eyes
Just keep them closed
Keep praying
Just keep waiting

black eyes was very politically related to Malaysian politic back in 1998-99 political turmoil. So what was the message? I've called this group after a long time haven't had any conversation after the Load, Reload and Garage Inc which were upset most of their fans. But Ulrich replied to me to refer his interview with the about the song and video which he claimed not a political statement.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Do you know what marriage is?

This is a story about an idiot couple, I think....'We're married, we just don't have sex'
What on earth man loves women and getting married without the sex as a translation... yes your are honest with what you are doing but it is a spiritual need... 'People wonder why asexuals bother to get together, but Amanda and I have been happily married for nine months now and we're both still virgins. Some people even think asexuality doesn't exist. It's so underrepresented, I can understand why people are skeptical. I was too, even though I was perfectly used to thinking of myself in this way. For years I just thought I was the only person in the world who felt like this'. Nonsense!!